A Message to Black College Students

Dissatisfaction breeds improvement, while satisfaction inhibits complacency.

A book that will shift the mindset of those who read it. Empowerment for the Black college students and our communities.

About The Author

Fire. Engaging, easy to follow, and makes the point quickly within the first 20 pages.

Kyle McMurtry(Howard University Student & Author of Henry goes to a HBCU)

I've read this masterpiece and it is a tool that goes beyond the Black college student. Particularly the "False Perception of Success"

Dr. Kenneth Howard(Author & Professor at Wayne State University)

This book holds great significance to the Black community as it promotes accountability and self-sufficiency.

Alona Turner(Clark Atlanta University Alumni, Marketing Major)

A very clear message. A concerning address to the Black college student.

Joelle Sanders(Junior at Western Michigan University, Sports Management Major)