Speaking Resume

JerJuan Howard is a scholar, leader, and a graduate of Western Michigan University. At the young age of 23, JerJuan has had a distinctive blend of experiences. JerJuan’s experiences include: becoming an Information Technology Specialist for the United States Army(at 19), becoming the President of the Black Student Union at Western Michigan University(at 21), giving numerous lectures on Black Liberation, and becoming the author of “A Message To Black College Students”(at age 22). All of these experiences and roles have aided in making JerJuan seasoned, informed, and one of a kind!

During his high school years in Detroit, JerJuan began to learn about the injustices that Black people faced in the American Justice system. As a result of his new understanding, JerJuan decided that he wanted to become a Criminal Defense Attorney. Unable to pay for school himself, in the summer of 2015, at the age of 17, JerJuan decided to join the United States Army to pay for college. 
JerJuan went on to attend Western Michigan University. During his collegiate years, JerJuan gained a deeper understanding of the issues that Black Americans faced, how they were all connected, and how they went much deeper than the Justice system.
While in college, JerJuan joined the Black Student Union where he gained a deeper understanding of Black Liberation, Black ideologies, and overall Black self-sufficiency. After a year of membership, JerJuan was appointed as the Diversity and Inclusion chair for the Black Student Union. The following year he was elected President. As President, JerJuan was responsible for strategic organizing and planning for the progression of black students(academic, social, and financial), advocating Black student’s concerns and demands with administration, giving lectures on Black Progression, and organizing community service. 
Today JerJuan is a public speaker and author of “A Message To Black College Students”, which was awarded #4 in Kindle’s “College Entrance Book” Category in January 2021. The book urges Black college students to make their communities a priority, it pushes forth the ideals of collective success over individual success, and it provides solutions that can be used for overall Black progression in our current social climate.
Workshops & Presentations
(Available Upon Request)
A Message To Black College Students Lecture
The Answer Is In Self: Black Liberation
Why Black Professionals Must Be Intentional: Where Our Talents & Dollars Go
The Illusion of Progress: How Black America Has Been Rocked To Sleep & What We Must Do To Wake Up
Black Problems Are All Connected: Miseducation, Economics, Place in Justice System
The Answers To Our Current Problems Are Found In Our History